Deep Water Double Threat (

5/23/2012 – story by Dan O’Sullivan

This is the time of the year that the offshore bite becomes the most consistent bite on the lake. When bass leave their beds, feed up for their postspawn recovery and turn towards their offshore summer haunts; most anglers do the same.

The saying goes that, “there are always some bass in the shallows” is true. However, the savvy angler knows that the best way to put a huge hurtin’ on the bass – and the leaderboard is to turn his back on the bank and find groups of fish offshore.

So, with that being an acknowledged fact, how does an angler begin taking advantage of bass that are offshore gorging themselves on baitfish. Of course, there is the deep crankbait bite, but the bass are not always active enough for the big plug. Sometimes they become sluggish when the water is not moving, and you need another method to load the boat.

FLW Pro Stetson Blaylock, from Benton, Ark. is an angler that loves to fish offshore when the bass are there, and he has learned a few tricks of the trade that give him a chance to catch bass when they are in a mood that doesn’t have them chasing crankbaits.

“I’ve got a one-two punch for fishing on offshore structure,” he said. “Which one of them I fish depends on how fish are positioned on offshore structure, but it all revolves around a swimbait and a big worm.” His favorite baits are a 5-inch Berkley Hollow Belly and a 10-inch Berkley Power Worm.

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