Rahfish.com: 13 Fishing with Stetson Blaylock

If you are the type of angler who puts as much emphasis on rod section like Stetson Blaylock does, then you need to pay close attention to 13 Fishing.  You may not have heard of 13 Fishing yet, but watch out because this company is starting to pop up everywhere!

Already known for their dominant ice fishing brand, 13 Fishing has introduced a line of trendy yet functional rods to their brand but don’t be mistaken, this isn’t only a rod company.  “13 Fishing is a brand not only a rod company”, says FLW Pro Stetson Blaylock.  “We have been in the ice fishing industry for a few years now and have done really well and this past summer we launched our freshwater line of rods”.

Unlike many other companies, 13 Fishing manufacturers their own rod and rod components and in doing so, this has given them the ability to test their rods to the max, ensuring that every aspect and component of their rods are perfected.  Where some rod companies may only test a handful of prototypes before releasing a product, well let’s just say that 13 Fishing got their share of testing in! “We fished and tested 622 different blanks before we got the final product nailed down”, Blaylock says.  “Since everything with the exception of the recoil guides on our Envy rod is manufactured by us, we wanted to make sure that everything was perfect.  Our team literally sat down and drew all the components like the reel seats, created prototypes and we tweaked them from there”.