Hometown Benton, AR
Birthdate 1987
Goals Win Angler of the Year, The FLW CUP and the Bassmaster Classic
Personal Stuff
Favorite Food Hamburger
Favorite Music Red-dirt country
Favorite Book/Movie Non-Angling Hero Dad and uncle – “My uncle got me into fishing, and my dad’s always been there to make sure I get what I need. He’s definitely a hero.”
When Not Fishing Enjoys spending time with my wife and son. Also Playing Ping-pong and bag go with friends.
Why He Fishes “The competition.”
Angling Stuff
Angling Hero“Larry Nixon – “I fished with him when I was 17 and he taught me a lot. He’s always been nice to me, and even called me after my first win and congratulated me. That’s saying a lot. And he’s one of the best that ever was, and still is that good.”
Favorite Lake  Kentucky Lake (KY/TN)
Favorite Technique Pitching a jig
Primary Fishing Strength Shallow-water power-fishing
Secondary Fishing Strength Versatility
Biggest Weakness Deepwater cranking
Boat Ranger
Motor Mercury